Friday, September 23, 2005

Brookhaven to Grainfield via Jackson, Chicago, Boston, and Denver

On Wednesday afternoon, my Red Cross assignment came to an end. I left the logistics duties at the Red Cross shelter at the Brookhaven, Miss. First Baptist Church in the capable hands of my replacement, a young man from Meriden, Connecticut, and caught a shuttle bus to Jackson, one hour to the north. Stayed there Wednesday night and then flew to Boston via Chicago on Thursday.

Now I'm back at home for half a day before Helen and I head out to my mom's house in Grainfield, Kansas for a visit featuring a 25th-anniversary party for my aunt and uncle Carol and Jim Hartman.


Ol prof said...

Welcome back. I'm dying to hear more about your cultural experience. The one time I was in Jackson, it was only five minutes into the cab ride from the airport that the driver mentioned the Civil War.

Anyway, I was wondering whether you would now be deployed to Texas. Kansas sounds better. Have a great time. And mark your calendars now: there will be a 25th anniversary around Providence in 2007.

TierraOaxaca said...

I really enjoyed these accounts and your reflections.
Hurricane Stan dumped a lot of water and mud on my neighborhood.
What now amigo? I recommend a southern road trip in
Feb-March. Keep us all posted!

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