Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Didactic Panels Are the Best

Now here's an excellent project for every travel office: Get an intern or someone to assemble and transcribe the text from every single didactic panel, information sign, etc. in your jurisdiction. At least it looks like that's what UltimateWyoming.com has done. And UltimateWyoming.com isn't even the official Wyoming travel office website — it's run by Ultimate Press, a little guidebook publishing company out of Bozeman, Montana.

I had a photo of a couple large pieces of equipment from the Buffalo Bill Dam near Cody, Wyoming:

Buffalo Bill Dam Components

That's a Balanced Plunger Hydraulic Valve on the right, and a "Big Wooden Ball" on the left. I had taken a photo of the didactic panel for the Valve, which is why I know exactly what it was called. But for some reason I didn't take a picture of the didactic panel for the Big Wooden Ball, which is why I had to call it a Big Wooden Ball.

One quick Google search later, and I had the Big Wooden Ball text from the didactic panel. It's not a Big Wooden Ball, it's a Ball Plug, and it was used to stop up the water flow through a pipe so the dam could be worked on. Well sure!

Great job, Ultimate Wyoming!
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