Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Grille Gives Me Pause

In the run-up to tonight's Loan Sharks softball game against Ron's Auto, I ran a Name that Car contest. As team members checked in with to let us know whether or not they were coming to the game, they could take a crack at identifying the above car.

Scoring: 5 points each for make, model, year, and standard engine size.

The correct answer: Ford Ranchero GT, 1978, 351 V8.

Here are the guesses:

Mike L: Buick, El Dorado, 1983, 375 V-8: 0 points.
Mike lost it here when he matched Buick and El Dorado. The El Dorado, in addition to being a mythical city of gold, is of course a Cadillac model. In any case, this isn't even a General Motors car.

Alan F: Ranchero GT, 1972, 350 V8: 5 points for the Ranchero GT.
Mike L argued that it was "harsh" to not give Alan credit for missing the engine size by only one measly cubic centimeter. But ask yourself: If the Ford Motor Company of America thought that a 350 was the ideal size engine for this particular car, don't you think they would have put in a 350? I think we can all agree that when it comes to such finely-tuned machines as late 1970s Fords, a single cubic centimeter can make all the difference. And, if Alan had only mentioned "Ford" in his answer... However, Alan does get an honorable mention for penning the memorable, Shakespearean almost, phrase in his response, as in: "The grill gives me pause, but I would say it's a..."

Eric J: Chevy, El Camino, 1969, 354 V-8: Good guess, unlike Mike L, Eric correctly matched the model with the make, but 0 points.

Mike W: "a nasty El Camino type:" Negative 5 points for calling an El Camino "nasty."

Mize J: "The front definitely has Ford written all over it:" Mize gets 5 points for knowing his makes by front end styling.
He would have done well in my dad's favorite car-trip game of "who can identify the most cars traveling in the opposite direction on the other side of the interstate?"

Maria M: Grand Torino, 1973: 4 points for helping Alan come up with the correct model.

So, the final results are:

Alan F: 5 points
Mize J: 5 points
Maria M: 4 points
Eric J: 0 points
Mike L: 0 points
Mike W: -5 points

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