Sunday, July 17, 2005

Arboretum Walk

This afternoon Jake joined Helen and me for a walk through the Arnold Arboretum. So nice to have a naturalist along with you to point things out and look things up for you after he gets home.

Just got an email from Jake with the report on some of the species we saw today:
The yellow-flowered trees are called Goldenrain trees. (One specimen was called Panicled Goldenrain. Not sure what a panicle is.) (Webster's says a panicle is (1.) a compound racemose inflorescence. (2.) a pyramidal loosely branched flower cluster. -Ed.)

The flycatchers we saw near the piney trail were Eastern Pewees, not the Olive-sided Flycatchers I was hoping for, but still quite cool to see a juvenile. I've heard them singing in there all summer, and for the last two years over close to the rose garden, but didn't know if it was breeding pairs or lonely bachelors.
Speaking of goldenrain, on the way back we were walking under a tree when we felt drops of what felt like water land on us. Pretty quickly we determined that we had been peed on by a squirrel from about 30 feet above.

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