Friday, July 08, 2005


I have dug up the following items during my backyard work over the last week:

One (1) 12 oz. Budweiser beer can with a "Tab Top" pull tab opening promoted on the bottom of the can. Badly degraded. Age: from my web research, this can probably dates from the late 1960s. Pull tabs were outlawed in the mid-1970s to reduce pollution and choking.

One (1) red plastic circus train car, approx. 4" long with yellow wheels and steel axles. Passengers include an elephant, a clown, and a weird fish-lipped horse-giraffe thing. Excellent condition, except for the axles, which show considerable rust. Age: unknown.

One (1) length silver plastic barbed wire fence, 4.75" long. Four posts, three strands of wire. Excellent condition. Age: unknown.

One (1) red and yellow marble.

One (1) stainless steel tablespoon. Too dirty to use.

One (1) stainless steel teaspoon. Too dirty to use.

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