Friday, July 15, 2005

"Rovegate: The Movie" Cast List

Let's cast the movie about the Karl Rove scandal. Here are my suggestions, with help from Helen:

Ambassador Joe Wilson: Benicio del Toro
Valerie Plame: Sharon Stone
Karl Rove: Nick Nolte
Scott McClellan: Jack Black
Robert Novak: Ron Silver
Matt Cooper: Jason Alexander
Judith Miller: Joan Cusack
George W. Bush: Will Ferrell
Dick Cheney: Jon Voight
and NBC News reporter David Gregory as himself

EDITED to add Robert Novak.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Especially the choice of Jason Alexander and Joan Cusak for the reporters. Some minor re-casting suggestions, if I may:
Karl Rove: Philip Seymour Hoffman
Dick Cheney: James Gandolfini
When does production begin?

Anonymous said...

Nathan Lane as Karl Rove

C - Log said...

Thank you for your most excellent suggestions, kgo and schnappintosh. Consider them accepted.

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