Monday, July 11, 2005

A Tale of Two Neighbors

A couple of weeks ago I had a mild run-in with one of my next door neighbors over some "ladder sounds" that I was making at 9:00 pm.

Today, I had another ladder-related neighbor interaction, but it was much friendlier. Keen to do some painting, I was struggling to push my 40-foot extension ladder up by hooking the base under a stone step and then walking toward that pivot point whilst holding the ladder above my head. I'd done it before but this time there were some steps involved and it got a bit hairy.

To the rescue came our across-the-street neighbor Gerald, a carpenter by trade who turned out to be approximately fifteen times stronger than me (which is not as impressive as it sounds; I am what is known on the backs of comic books as a 198-pound weakling). He had me put my foot on the bottom rung to hold it in place as he zoomed toward me, pushing the ladder into the air as if it were a feather.

Thanks, Gerald!

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