Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I had absolutely NO IDEA that Saturday night, August 20, was also the 6-month anniversary of Hunter Thompson's death and therefore the date specified by him for his funeral, which involved launching his ashes into the Colorado sky inside an exploding rocket.

And yet, documented on videotape, we have footage of me and fellow Stump Sprouts* visitors Ben and Leland toasting the memory of Hunter with a short glass of his drink of choice, Wild Turkey Kentucky bourbon, on that very evening. (Cue "Twilight Zone" theme.)

Detracting from the delight of this spooky coincidence is the fact that apparently, that stiff John Kerry was also in Colorado for the funeral/cannon shot, no doubt awkwardly raising his little glass of bourbon while intoning "Who among us does not delight in the whimsical adventures of Hunter Thompson?" (Excuse me a moment while I tear out what is left of my hair.)

Here's a story about the sendoff from Northern Ireland (it's better than the AP story) that mentions his fondness for Wild Turkey.

*Stump Sprouts is the lodge in the Berkshires where Helen and I spent the weekend with 19 old and new friends.

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