Monday, January 15, 2007

24 Live Blog: 8:00 - 10:00 am

8:10 am Bauer jacks a Cherokee Grand-Theft-Auto-style. Doesn't all the veering and fishtailing around corners take more time than it's worth?

8:24 am Shouldn't Jack be wearing his seat belt? Hey, Curtis isn't wearing his either. Now, Jack and Curtis have a moment. Great to hear a nice big helping of that stilted "24" dialogue: "hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of victims" ... "a peaceful resolution to all of this."

8:25 Suburban mom proves wily by failing to properly treat Kumar from "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle's" wound. Her also-wily son Eddie Vedder goes into kitchen to get Kumar some water, palms a knife, this isn't going to work out well....phew, he decides not to chance an attack.

8:37 The writers have done a good job of writing the dialogue in the civil liberties theme in a way to appeal to people on both sides of the issue....Whoops, a body cavity search has just been announced.

8:41 Dr. Bashir from Deep Space Nine and the suspect are both wearing their seatbelts. Kudos, Dr. Bashir.

8:44 Curtis's day is made as he gets to establish a perimeter, check that, a MOVING PERIMETER.

8:46 Memo to Tac Team: The roof is not the best place for your doughier snipers.

8:56 Jack: Fayed might have a "nucular" weapon.

8:58 "I need to speak to the president, Priority 3?" Doesn't that sound a bit low?

9:00 Good to see that Buchanan is right on time with his early-episode Exposition Phone Call.

9:05 Take your jacket off and stay awhile, Mr. President!

9:11 Come on, Suburban Dad, disable the component. And, where did he find a working pay phone?

How much do we hate the UPS whiteboard commercials?

9:14 This has been another edition of American Backstory Theatre, starring Chloe and two of her boyfriends.

9:21 President Wayne Palmer, how I love your out-of-fashion goatee beard.

9:22 As usual, international terrorists require a written contract before agreeing to an amnesty offer.

9:31 Remembering Eddie Vedder's touching offer of his friendship necklace, Kumar wishes he didn't have to kill him.

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