Thursday, February 08, 2007

Plumber Self-Talk

Had a plumber in yesterday to replace a part of the main drain system. There was a lot of plumbing-related finagling, banging, and struggling going on. Working in my office down the hall from the bathroom, I would occasionally hear the plumber make a short comment to himself. Here is a complete transcript:

Oh boy.
Oh brother.
Boy, this is a mess.
This ain't good.
This guy sucks.
Not good.
Oh, that's different.
Oh hell.
Makin' progress.
Oh boy.
Oh geez.
What the-
Oh heck.
Well I'll be.
Oh well.


Lord John Whorfin said...

Chris --

This is what happens when you don't call Mad Mike.

Actually, I can't even remember if they were actually plumbers, but I know they can definitely remove a 45-year old General Motors refrigerator.

Anonymous said...

This brings to mind an old Bill Cosby routine called ooops. It'sabout things you don't want to hear your doctor say.

Hey! I didn't know you were back on the blogosphere. That's how out of it I am! Welcome abck.

ye 'ol prof

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