Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AL All-Stars: Ballot #1

Just voted my first slate of the American League All-Stars, one of 25 votes I can cast between now and whenever voting ends. I'll try to submit a new ballot every week or so.

This is based on impressions based on the season so far, which I haven't followed closely except for Red Sox games. There's a bias toward teams the Sox have played so far.

First Base: Ortiz, D., BOS
Second Base: Polanco, P., DET
Third Base: Rodriguez, A., NYY
Shortstop: Jeter, D., NYY
Catcher: Posada, J., NYY
Outfielder: Guerrero, V., LAA
Outfielder: Hunter, T., MIN
Outfielder: Ordonez, M., DET

I hated leaving out Youkilis, who normally plays 1B for Boston but since this year's All Star Game is in an NL park, Ortiz is on the ballot instead. In the end, Ortiz barely edged out Youk but Kevin is right there and could show up as a write-in on a future ballot.

ARod still getting credit for his torrid April. Jeter is Jeter. Posada is leading the league in hitting, and is a Sox-killer to boot. In the outfield, Ichiro is hanging around the three guys I picked.

Starting pitcher is not up to the fans, but if the All Star Game was today the honor (if not the start, due to his injured finger) would go to Josh Beckett, and Jim Leland agrees.

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Anonymous said...

Wow -- I haven't looked at the standings lately, but the Yanks must be in first place with that kind of lineup!


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