Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bike Ride: Boston Logistics and Industry

Started at South Boston's Carson Beach with airliners gliding into Logan over Dorchester Bay. Then around Pleasure Bay and past the Conley container terminal to the South Boston piers — a couple of Navy ships in port today, one in drydock undergoing repairs. Followed the still-discontiguous but improving "Harborwalk" to the North End and walked the bike over the Charles River Dam and Locks.

Followed the bike path along the Charles River, crossing here and there as needed, all the way out to Waltham and the site of the first power loom in America, the prototype for the giant Merrimack River textile mills of Lowell and Lawrence.

With time running out and quadriceps barking, hauled my way back home over the hills of Newton and Brookline.

Distance: 43 miles. Interactive map below:

View Larger Map

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Amanda said...

Sounds like quite the bike ride. Did you hear about Hub On Wheels, storrow drive is going to become a bike Path! The ride is September 23, starting at 8am at city hall plaza. They have 25 mile rides or 45 mile rides so anyone can participcate. It's a great ride, if you want to know more about it visit HubOnWheels.org

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