Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bike Ride: Wollaston Beach

Distance: 21 miles. Interactive Map:

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UPDATE: In response to Eve's Apple's comment about getting thirsty at Wollaston Beach: The DCR is renovating the beachfront with new sidewalks, stairs, and pavilions, but so far there is still an appalling lack of drinking fountains ("bubblers" in local parlance). Not sure what's going on here -- all of the other DCR land I've biked through lately has had ample drinking water. Like Eve's, I ended up having to pay to quaff, buying bottled water from a vending machine at a restaurant.

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Eve's Apple said...

Oh, we went there once! We didn't have enough water with us and it was a very hot day. Afterwards, we gorged ourselves at Friendly's on french fries and huge cokes! (We told ourselves we needed it to replenish our electrolytes!)

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