Monday, September 03, 2007

Boat Trip: Georges and Spectacle Islands

Finally took the ferry ($12) out to the Boston Harbor Islands on a warm and dry Labor Day. Explored Fort Warren, a Civil War era star fort on Georges Island, sharing the parade ground with a swarm of ultimate-frisbee-playing Boston University freshman winding up their orientation week.

Then to Spectacle Island, a former Boston city dump newly capped with clay excavated during the Big Dig and now re-seeded with grass and trees. The artificially enhanced island is now the highest point in Boston Harbor. Here and there are vertical pipes topped with spinning wind vents. Stand in just the right place downwind from one of these vents, and the faint aroma of the garbage decaying below reaches your nose. But don't let that scare you off -- you have to stand in just the right spot, and really concentrate, to smell anything. The expansive 360 degree views of the harbor, shipping lanes, departing and arriving Logan traffic, birds, insects, and waving grasses makes Spectacle Island a fascinating place to visit.

Interactive map:

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