Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Woodpeckers Smother Loan Sharks in Season Opener, 27-5

Ouch. Not exactly the most auspicious Loan Sharks home opener in recent memory, but at least we had some warm weather (can be rare in April) and a few laughs. It was close until the third inning, when the Woodpeckers erupted for 11 runs that put the game out of reach.

But there were some bright spots! Joe Lieber launched a majestic 3-run homer to left in the fourth inning, following up on Bob Paret's seeing-eye solo home run in the second.

The father-daughter team of Mize (shortstop) and Maya (second base) Jonas turned in some stellar defense up the middle, including a great play by Maya to knock down a wicked grounder and flip to her dad for a force out at second, drawing applause from all assembled Sharks and Woodpeckers alike. Joe Lieber and Mize also turned a nifty double play to kill a Woodpecker rally.

On the bench in the late innings, Kenji Foster explained the finer points of sunflower seed eating to the youth of Jamaica Plain. Speaking as someone who has to crack each individual sunflower seed with his teeth before prying open the shell with his fingers, I salute the transmission of this vital dugout skill to the next generation of Loan Sharks.

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