Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Deep Cleaning

A recent study undertaken by me has found that the optimum interval for a really deep, thorough cleaning of the kitchen is eight years. (We're not talking wiping counters or sweeping floors here. This is every-nook-and-cranny empty-the-cupboards floor-so-clean-you-could-have-your-appendix-out-on-it type cleaning.)

The improvement brought on by the cleaning is so noticeable that it raises household morale and labor productivity for weeks afterwards, and possibly also makes food taste better.

More frequent deep cleaning is less efficient because the improvement effect is less pronounced per unit of effort. At the extreme, constant 24-7-365 cleaning would result in maximum cleanliness but no free time to enjoy it.

Deep cleaning that is less frequent than eight years would obviously require less lifetime effort but begins to tip the entire dwelling into a "the hell with it" spiral that ultimately settles at a bad equilibrium involving local health authorities.

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Anonymous said...

By gum, you've just invented the Laffer curve for kitchen cleaning!


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