Monday, August 03, 2009

Red Sox Update

I am happy with the trade for Victor Martinez. We really needed a good bat, and Lowell is a statue at 3rd. When V-Mart plays 1st, Youk can play 3rd.

We still need to figure out the starting pitcher situation, though. Beckett and Lester can't do it all by themselves. Dice-K is finished in Boston for this season, possibly forever. Our elderly pitchers Wakefield and Smoltz are moving to and from the mound on Hoverounds™. Buchholz is unpredictable. Penny is doughy. Look for Theo to pick up another starting pitcher off the waiver wire.


Anonymous said...

What? The Bosox got Martinez? I didn't see that. What did they give up? And Dice-K is hurt? Or just stinks?

I have no idea what's going on anymore.

Great to see you guys.


Cousin Mike said...

Does that trade help Dustin Pedroia hit the high inside fastball? According to the PS3 commercial, he cannont.

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