Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here They Came A'Wassailing

This evening our very own street was fortunate enough to be visited by The Boston Merry Christmas Caroling Mob, an ad-hoc collection of (really good) singers organized in flash-mob fashion by local artist Joel Sindelar. I was shoveling out our walk after a 10" snowfall when I heard them making their way up the street singing Christmas carols in four-part harmony. It was amazingly beautiful, especially with nearly a foot of powdery snow everywhere. It was like something out of Currier and Ives.

By the time they arrived at our house, I had a pot of hot spiced apple cider and four plates of Christmas cookies (leftovers from the previous night's Christmas party) ready for them. We plied our hardy Yuletide chorale with food and drink in hopes that they would not ransack our house in search of "figgy pudding." Presently, having quaffed and gobbled their fill, the merrymakers moved on down the street to by turns cheer or terrify our neighbors.

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