Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama Puts on a Clinic in Political Maturity

As much as I usually loathe Maureen Dowd's shallow, personality-driven take on politics, I do have to say that her Sunday New York Times column is an excellent summary of the Obama-GOP meeting that occurred on Friday and that I urged folks to watch in full on the web.

This British-Parliament-style "question time" displays the Obama that I still must say I believe in, the Obama who understands that his place in American history may involve becoming the leader of – or at least midwifing the birth of – a new centrist or center-left party – they could call it the American Party or something like that – that blows up, once and for all, this ridiculously intractable red-blue partisan divide that we find ourselves in.

Can't say I got the shout-out to Camus though.

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