Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Forest Hills Neighbors

Christopher Frost
Neighbors (detail)
Cast concrete

Exhibition: "Dwelling," Forest Hills Educational Trust
Photo taken: January 3, 2010

From the Artist's Statement:
I conceived Neighbors as a way to address ideas of the physical home before and after death. The piece compares the dwellings of individuals in life and the "dwellings" created for them after their deaths.

Each concrete building is a replica of the home of a particular person buried at Forest Hills. I chose structures from the thousands of possible residences in order to include a variety of architectural styles...

The houses represent the residences of Charles Varney Whitten, merchant (1829-1897); Mary Hunt, temperance leader (1830-1906), John A. Fox, architect (1836-1902); Joseph H. Chadwick, industrialist, whose Gothic Revival mausoleum is on Fountain Avenue (1827-1902); Ralph Martin, wagon-driver, who perished in the Great Molasses Flood; Samuel S. Pierce, grocer (1807-1881); and Anne Sexton, poet (1928-1967).
For more information on Christopher Frost, please visit: www.christopherfrost.org

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