Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reading is Fundamental. So is Crap.

Crap: How to deal with annoying teachers, bosses, backstabbers, and other stuff that stinksAs a kid, my mom took me to the library at least once a week. You didn't have to ask me twice to pick up a book and start reading. But not everyone is like that, and librarians know it. I think they take it as sort of a challenge to figure out what topic, what plot, what sort of character is going to get a particular kid who for whatever reason hasn't caught the reading bug to finally pick up a book.

Is there any nobler vocation than a children's librarian? In my book (sorry), it'd be right up there with firefighter and public defender (two other jobs that don't exactly top the pay scales).

One of our oldest and dearest friends, Jake Miller, co-authored a book that came out last year called Crap: How to Deal with Annoying Teachers, Bosses, Backstabbers, and Other Stuff That Stinks. (Disclosure: At the time this review was posted, Jake Miller was posting on this blog under the pseudonym "Bokeh." On February 9, 2010, Jake began posting under his own name. This post was written on my own initiative, without any consultation with Jake.)

And, just last week, the American Library Association named the book to their annual list of the best books for "reluctant young-adult readers," which is a nice way of saying "teens who hate to read."

My copy of Crap hasn't arrived from yet, but based on the blunt title and the funny and casual tone of the excerpts available on the Amazon website, I can see why it made the list. Actually, it looks like it would be of use to readers of all ages and enthusiasm levels; after all, who doesn't have to deal with crap once in a while? Well done, Jake!

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