Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zero to Zero

I recently heard from an old friend from college who had just taken her young son to his first basketball game. It reminded me of my own introduction to roundball.

When I was in first grade, I played "basketball" in a recreational league sponsored by the YMCA. I put the word in quotes because what we were doing really bore no relationship to the actual game of basketball. For example, we used a volleyball instead of a basketball because most of us were too weak to heave a real basketball up to the hoop.

Anyway, after my first game, my mom brought me home and my dad asked me, "Who won?"

"It was a tie," I replied.

"What was the score?" my dad asked.

"Zero to zero."

At which point my dad roared with laughter. I, having only the vaguest idea of what a typical basketball score might be, was totally nonplussed. It did go on became a favorite story of my parents when their friends asked them how I was doing.


Jake Miller said...

I was recently looking into kids' soccer here in the neighborhood and the first few years they don't even differentiate between practices and games, mostly because they don't keep score.

As it happens, the Firstborn of Bokeh is still too young by a few months to play this spring, but I kind of like the idea of letting him learn to love the game before he gets too much into the idea of winners and losers.

On the other hand, my brother just ran an indoor soccer tournament and his seven year old's team won one of their games 25-0.

So, that's another approach.

Mike said...

I like that story. Ayden just started basketball this year too, and it has always been a passion of mine. Plus, I was pretty young when we lost your dad and I don't have many stories of him. I'm glad you shared this one. Thanks

C - Log said...

It's still a great story. thanks Mike,

Yeah, I'm thinking a lot about my dad lately... fast approaching the exact age he was when he died. Starting in August, I'll be going "where no man has gone before" so to speak. I'm feeling good, though. Getting closer with Uncle Jim, and also your dad a little bit. I guess it'll be different for them too... to have me older than their older brother ever was.

It is all a bit strange, but like I say, I'm feeling great about it.

Oh, and thanks for the comment!

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