Sunday, February 28, 2010

Behind the Bar: The Herrington

For this edition of "Behind the Bar" we learn the story behind one of the world's signature cocktails. The Herrington debuted at the Drake Hotel (pictured) in Chicago in 1937, when a world-wide olive shortage caused by the Spanish Civil War forced the staff at the hotel bar, Ducks-n-Drakes, to improvise:
1 oz dry sherry
dash Pernod
1 medium herring

Chill sherry and Pernod over ice. Strain and serve up in cocktail glass. Drop herring in glass.
Visitors to Ducks-n-Drakes can still view a small plaque, featuring a mounted herring, that commemorates the day when the drink was invented.

Thanks go to my colleague Ehnbauhbe for bringing this drink to my attention.

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