Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monocle Hall of Fame: 2009 Inductees

Monocle Hall of Fame and Museum, Rochester, New York.

Inductee Monocle Fact
Alfred, Lord Tennyson Could not see to eat without one
The Penguin Held in place by beak-like nose
Muhammad Ali Jinnah Sometimes popped out during fiery speeches to Muslim League
Wilkins Micawber Termed it a "quizzing glass"
Gen. Erich Ludendorff Employed to study map, plot retreat route after disastrous defeat at the second Battle of the Marne
Col. Klink Per Werner Klemperer, held in place with spirit gum
Col. Mustard Added to character's costume for 1972 U.S. edition of Clue board game
Mr. Peanut First recorded instance of corrective lens worn by a nut

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alex said...

I've always wondered why monocles aren't sported by more people who have eye-patches. You'd think it'd be the more sensible AND fashionable solution, than wearing glasses over an eye-patch.

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