Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Songs of Bakersfield

Jake directs me to this simply wonderful old clip of Buck Owens and the Buckaroos appearing on the Jimmy Dean Show in 1966:

Among the many delights of this video:
  1. The names of the various Buckaroos affixed to their various instruments
  2. The oil-derrick stagecraft
  3. Buck Owens, obviously, and the way his rhinestones cause black flares in the TV camera
  4. Don Rich's Fender Telecaster (I have a Telecaster, ergo, I am Don Rich!)
Buck Owens, the Buckaroos, and the Bakersfield Sound is all I would need on a desert island.

And the Dwight Yoakam - Buck Owens duet "Streets of Bakersfield" is a must for any collection (sorry about the poor audio quality but the video is just too good):

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