Friday, March 26, 2010

P.J. Woods & Co. Insurance Calendar Weather Forecast Report Card: March 22-25, 2010

Forecast for March 22 - 25
“Windy and wet – rain and a few thunderstorms.”

Observations at Logan Airport (via Weather Underground)

Date Avg. Wind Speed (mph) Conditions Rainfall
March 22 8 Overcast0.08"
March 23 16 Rain2.22"
March 24 17 Overcast0.02"
March 25 12 Mostly CloudyT

The forecast was fairly accurate, except for the “thunderstorms” part, and it was not especially windy for this time of year. We did receive at least a trace of rain all four days, however, with March 23 seeing a record rainfall of 2.22".


Cumulative GPA

What Is This?
A periodic check-up on the weather forecasts printed at the bottom of a nice big calendar from the P.J. Woods and Co. Insurance Agency, Peabody, Massachusetts.

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