Wednesday, March 10, 2010

P.J. Woods & Co. Insurance Calendar Weather Forecast Report Card: March 5-10, 2010

Forecast for March 5 - 10
"Waves of wind, rain, and some wet snow."

Observations at Logan Airport (via Weather Underground)

Date Mean Wind Speed Rain Snow
March 5 12 mph 0 T
March 6 10 mph 0 0
March 7 12 mph 0 0
March 8 12 mph 0 0
March 9 9 mph 0 0
March 10 6 mph 0 0

The forecast was wrong on all four counts. The skies were quite settled all six days; no "waves" of anything except warm sunshine. Winds were below average for this period. We had zero rainfall, and only a trace of snow on March 5.


Cumulative GPA

What is This
A periodic check-up on the weather forecasts printed at the bottom of a nice big calendar from the P.J. Woods and Co. Insurance Agency, Peabody, Massachusetts.

1 comment:

Jake Miller said... forecast this morning: "AM Showers."
No rain all morning. 2:15 p.m. Rain shower.
Forecast now says, more judiciously, "Mostly cloudy with a shower."

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