Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reaching into the Past

Whether you agree with some, all, or none of its points, there can be no doubt that the Tea Party movement has had an impact on American politics here in the 21st Century.

From my vantage point in the 8th Dimension, it strikes me that this is likely due in large part to the marketing genius of reaching into the past and resurrecting a once successful American idiom from the 18th Century -- the Boston "Tea Party." Perhaps there is a Jungian collective unconscious dynamic at work here.

Let us have some ideas for hijacking old themes for today's movements. I shall start by taking over/under bets on the following proposition --- Within 14 months, Chris Hartman will be advocating for monetary reform with the following slogan:

Free Silver!

Send all checks and money orders to me c/o John Big Booty, Planet 10.


C - Log said...

Tippecanoe and Tyler too, and also a carbon tax if you don't mind!

Lord John Whorfin said...

Yes! If John Tyler gets nominated to replace Bernanke or Geither someday, you will be good to go. Or at least halfway there.

desmoinesdem said...

There must be potential for a new twist on Rum, Romanism and Rebellion.

C - Log said...

Good one, desmoinesdem. The Nixon folks used "Amnesty, Abortion, and Acid" against McGovern in 1972.

How about Sidearms, Scientology, and Sedition for Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle?

Lord John Whorfin said...

That reminds me, I've been trying to think of a good use for "Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine -- Continental Liar from the State of Maine."

But nothing is coming to mind. It's so good, though, I might have to use it for something totally unrelated, like my upcoming campaign in favor of the negative income tax. It might confuse the message a little, but it will be worth it.

C - Log said...

"A Tofurky in Every Pot, an Electric Car in Every Garage"

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