Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Ingenious Arrangement of Lights and Mirrors

No, it's not the latest deficit-reduction plan from Washington, it's an article from Modern Mechanics and Inventions, May 1932!

Via Modern Mechanix. Perhaps of special interest to Whorfin.

Ten 1000-watt lamps, "concentrated light-rays," sound-proofed rooms. Sounds like a flash-fire waiting to happen. Luckily, the theater is loaded with asbestos!

Text in full here.

I guess it's noteworthy that the inventor chose bridge as the best application of his invention, as opposed to chess, say, or mah-jongg or skittles.

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Lord John Whorfin said...

Your blog is kicking it old school!

Sports Illustrated just had a little retrospective of their cover story on bridge from 1957, with Charles Goren holding court at a card table.

Actually they have auditoriums at bridge tournaments where you can go and see the play unfold, with commentators. But it's all computerized.

I also remember as a kid, PBS would sometimes have live airings of the world's chess tournaments, which consisted solely of two guys sitting in front of giant chess board on a wall. When someone phoned in the moves, one would stand up and move the piece on the board with a shuffleboard stick, and then they'd talk about the move. It was pretty cool, actually.

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