Monday, March 21, 2011

Curt Schilling's Lost Weekend of Tweeting

I happen to follow former Red Sox pitcher / current video-game company entrepreneur Curt Schilling on Twitter. He rarely posts anything not related to his current venture, a video game company called 38 Studios (the company recently decamped to Rhode Island after the Ocean State gave it a $100 million loan guarantee).

But this past weekend, apparently alone in the house, he decided to get on the Twitter and start answering questions from followers. Someone asked him about the best athletes he's seen, and I was surprised to see this response:

Shows how little I know about Fernando Valenzuela. Looking on Wikipedia, he was indeed an above-average hitter for a pitcher, winning two Silver Slugger awards.

Anyway, lots of interesting nuggets from Curt about playing baseball and the off-field life of a baseball player:

Curt Schilling Answers Questions on Twitter
(note that the tweets are shown in reverse-chronological order).

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